Cooking Classes for Visitors

All classes are hands-on, interactive, and fun!

We have a variety of menus to choose from! Traditional cuisine or a more contemporary Japanese cuisine - choose the dishes according to your preference.
Standard lessons are usually between 3 to 4 hours, each menu consists of one or two main dishes, some side dishes and a desert with a cup of Japanese green tea.
A welcome drink and a glass of wine, beer or sake are included. Bringing in your own bottles is welcome!

For those with Gift Vouchers
If you already have bought (or received from a friend) a voucher dated before October 2021, please contact us for the class you are entitled to take.
We will inform you of which class you can take according to the amount of your voucher.

Sushi at Home

Japanese Street Food

Japanese Home Cooking

Meat & Poultry Dishes

Seafood Dishes

Tofu / Vegetable Dishes


Ramen & Gyoza

Bento Boxes

Upcoming Classes

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