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Class duration : 4h
Age Requirements : 6 and older
Maximum Guests : 4
Minimum Guests : 3
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The class will be held when the minimum number of people signup. We may cancel the class if we don’t have enough people. In that case we will refund the full amount.

Dietary Information

Allergens in the menu: egg, soybeans

We would welcome you contacting us before booking to check on the suitability of ingredients used in the menu if you have any dietary requirements.
Otherwise, please inform us of any dietary requests on booking. If we do not get prior notice we cannot amend arrangements.

Enjoy premium wagyu (Japanese beef) which melts in your mouth! A perfect dinner for family or great food to enjoy with guests!

Sukiyaki ‘すき焼き’ is one of the most popular hot pot dishes in Japan.

Preferably, we use A5 rank fat marbled beef, such as famous Kobe/Matsuzaka beef. They are very very very expensive 😣 , but the texture and the taste are sooooo good compared to other lean meat. So tender and it melts in your mouth! 🤤
Because of the high price of beef, Sukiyaki was rarely seen on our family dining table and it is a kind of festive food. When I was a kid, I jumped for joy when it came out for dinner.

Sukiyaki is usually cooked and served at the table using a portable gas stove and eat it as we cook.
We cook beef and various kind of vegetables in a soy sauce broth. It has a sweet and salty flavor like teriyaki sauce, but when the tastes of beef and vegetables blended into the sauce, it became wonderful yummy Sukiyaki taste you will love so much!!

As Sukiyaki is a very simple food to prepare, I made the menu with some fun cutting works.
We will make decorative carrots and shiitake mushrooms for Sukiyaki and cucumber for a side dish.

Oh, and I have to mention that the authentic way the Japanese enjoy Sukiyaki – dipping the cooked ingredients in raw eggs!
I know it sounds yuck for some people but I do want you to try when you are in Japan because Japan is the only country you can eat eggs uncooked (as long as I know so far). Japanese eggs are under strict hygiene control and very safe to consume raw.
That’s not the only reason I recommend you to try, but I think it is simply very tasty this way.
The egg coats well with the strong taste of Sukiyaki sauce and makes a perfect balance of flavors. You may get addicted, who knows!


  • Just bring yourself! Aprons are available for free.
  • No need to clean up.
  • Children aged 6 and older are counted as separate participants. If you like to bring children under 6 years old to your class, we recommend you to book a private class. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Take-away is possible except for raw food, but management outside of the classroom is requested by yourself and we are not responsible for any trouble on hygiene. Please bring your own take-away container, ice cooler etc.
  • Price includes lesson, all ingredients, printed recipes and the listed number of drinks.

Cancellation Policy

  • 2 weeks prior to the booked date : full refund
  • 13 days to 4 days week prior to the booked date : 50% refund
  • 3 days prior to the booked date : no refund
  • No show : no refund

Please check our Terms and Conditions to see details.

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