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After many years working as a designer in IT Industry, it was time for me to get back to what I love most…, cooking!

Since I was very young, my mother showed me how to use the knife and allowed me to help her cook. It was a great pleasure for me to be able to improve my skills and to be able to cook better, so I spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

I also love to travel! I visited many countries and my passion for cooking got even bigger by encountering new food and tastes.
Of course I love to enjoy special gourmet of fine restaurants, but my interest is always in the meals that local people eat daily. It is more exciting than anything to know the food ingredients and seasonings that are unique to that country. Local markets and supermarkets are my favorite places and I can stay there hours!

And in each counties, the simple and delicious dishes that mothers make at home are the most impressive for me. I believe it is the best because the food is lovingly prepared by mothers who care family’s health and their smile, and such a lovely table will make the taste of the dish even better.
I also want to convey the pleasure of enjoying local home cooking as well, to everyone who visits Japan.

Finally I moved to make an ideal kitchen for my cooking class.
The kitchen is therefore the main part of my own flat, and I'd like to invite you in this my favorite space. Of course you'll learn some Japanese recipes but also experience a real modern Tokyo lifestyle here as my very special guest!

It is my pleasure to spend a fun day with you. Please tell me a lot about gourmet, travel, culture, the things you are interested in Japan.
Why not come over and spice up your trip to Tokyo!

Acorn (Eiko)
Eikorn (Eiko)

Food, drinks, and art are my passion.
Having lived in the States from the ages of two to fourteen, I have always been interested in the Japanese culture and cuisine, probably more than I would have if I had lived in Japan all of my life. My mother would sometime make us handmade Japanese sweets as after school snacks, and also Japanese food when we had guests over for dinner, and every Sunday we would have a Japanese stlye breakfast. My love for "natto" started from here.

I enjoyed helping my mom in the kitchen, and at first I started baking cookies (chocolate chips, oatmeal raisins, the American kind) on my own.
I gradually became interested in cooking, and realized that mincing vegetables into small pieces had a soothing effect. When I feel stressed out from too much work, you will probably find me in my kitchen (even after midnight), chopping up vegetables or meat into pieces. Scary image, I know...

In my free time, I enjoy throwing home parties, travelling, going to the movies and to art exhibitions, and working out.
When travelling, the most important factor is EATING!
I love eating the local dishes and trying to recreate those dishes at home, and also love visiting the local markets and supermarkets to find unusual spices and seasonings.

Together with Junko, I would like to communicate the Japanese cuisine and customs to many people and also learn about the food and culture of the country that you are from.
Come join us for an unforgettable experience!

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