JJ Kitchen in Tokyo

Japanese Home Style
& Healthy Cooking Classes

Stop by JJ Kitchen,
a private kitchen located
in the heart of Tokyo
for fun and informative cooking classes!

JJ Kitchen in Tokyo provides Japanese cooking lessons with a laid back feeling, as if you are preparing a home party! We welcome you to enjoy cooking while chatting with others, even with a drink in one hand!
We will introduce healthy and delicious Japanese dishes such as daily meals eaten regularly at Japanese homes, traditional meals eaten during seasonal events throughout the year, and modern Japanese dishes that have been influenced by various cuisines from around the world, adding a JJ Kitchen original twist.
For those that are interested in Japanese homestyle cooking or for those that want to encounter new dishes you've never seen or heard before, JJ Kitchen is for you! Come and enjoy the deep culture behind Japanese food with us!

  • Easy & Healthy, Yet Authentic & Taste Amazing
  • Fun and Informative hands-on class
  • BYOD (A welcome drink and a glass of wine, beer or sake are included)
  • Small Group, Friendly & Warm atmosphere
  • Easy Access
  • Good Quality Products
  • Fun Japanese style Dining time!
  • Local Supermarket Tour

New Classes and Membership Classes

Cooking Classes for Members (English and Japanese)

Cooking Classes for Members

We'll make special monthly dishes ranging from health dishes using seasonal ingredients that your eyes and body will enjoy, seasonal & traditional dishes as well as JJ Kitchen’s original dishes. These classes will be exclusive for those who have registered for membership.

Cooking Classes for Visitors (English)

Cooking Classes for Visitors

We'll make popular, classic Japanese dishes. These classes are 1 day lessons, and are also recommended for tourists. All lessons emphasize hands-on involvement in small groups. We'll show you how to prepare delicious homestyle Japanese meals with simple recipes and techniques.

Private Classes

Private Classes

Private lessons are available upon request. Recommended for those who would like to bring children under 6 years old and for those with dietary restrictions. You can arrange your own private class with 1-6 people.

Kids Cooking Classes

Kids Cooking Classes

These classes are experiential lessons that will enable the children to use their 5 senses through cooking,encouraging the children to be motivated and to cultivate their interests.
Age: 4 y/o to elementary school students

Local Supermarket Tour

Local Supermarket Tour

I'll take you to the local supermarket after class on your request. I'll show the Japanese ingredients including seasonal vegetables and seasonings, and help your shopping. And It's free :)

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift idea for your family and friends! A Japanese cooking class experience can be an unforgettable gift. Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

This Month’s Menu

Cooking Classes for Members

Pacific saury & Autumn vegetables

The best season to have a good appetite has come!
In this harvesting season, many food items, starting with our staple food, rice, are in season!
Our membership lesson for October will be our favorite fish ‘Sanma’ (Pacific saury)!

  • Pacific Saury Rice
  • Grilled Stuffed Lotus Roots
  • Persimmon and Turnip Salad
  • Soy milk Miso soup
  • Apple Rose Pie and Green Tea

Upcoming Events

In order to avoid the spread of coronavirus, we will refrain from events with a large number of people for the time being.


Easy Access!
Located in the center of
food trend in Tokyo.

Located in the lively, fashionable Ebisu neighborhood, my kitchen is in a quiet, sun-filled flat. It is also in walking distance from Daikanyama and Nakameguro. You may enjoy strolling around those two of the most fashionable and very popular residential areas in Tokyo before/after your class. Despite being very close to Shibuya, you will find the neighborhood quieter and a little more laid back, definitely charming and very hip!

For below cases,
please send inquiry
via contact form

  • 1 Person
  • Big group
  • With children under 6 years old
  • Class on unlisted date
  • Private lesson
  • Custom lesson (Taylor-made menu)
  • Vegetarian, Gluten-free (Private only)
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