Kids Cooking Classes

Get your children motivated and cultivate their interests
by having them use their 5 senses through cooking!

At JJ Kitchen’s kids cooking classes, the children will experience hands-on cooking from start to finish, with the help of the staffs. Through cooking, the children will have a chance to feel the various ingredients and experience cooking techniques, thus cultivating their appreciation for food which may also lead to conquering food that they do not like.

As they will be working as a group with other children of various ages, it will build a sense of togetherness, and they will learn to be cooperative with each other.
No enrollment fee is necessary. The classes are single sessions so feel free to sign them up in classes they are interested in!

Class Details

Dates : Thursdays through Sundays (please make reservations in advance)
Fee : 4,000 JPY (no enrollment fee necessary)
Age : 4 years to 6th grade elementary school children
Capacity : 6 children per lesson
Minimum number of participants : 3 children
Class duration : 2 hours

The classes will be held when the minimum number of participants has been achieved. Reservations are mandatory.
Please contact us if you are interested in any of the classes.

How to book

  1. Select a menu from the list above and submit your request from the contact form.
  2. In the message field, please write 1) your desired date, 2) your desired menu, 3) the number of children participating and their ages
  3. After we confirm your request, you will receive an email. Details will be exchanged via e-mails, and once the date and menu are set, we will notify you of the amount along with the venue details.
  4. Your reservation is now complete!

Private Lessons

We have private lessons for those who have children with allergies or with children under the ages of 4.

Fee : 12,000 JPY ~
The price will differ depending on the number of children participating
  • Parents/guardians can also attend the private lessons for an additional price of 2,000 JPY/person.
  • Please note that this class also focuses on the children, so we ask that the parents/guardians mainly watch the lesson, or give the children a hand once in a while. We will all sit down to eat at the end of the lesson, so please enjoy with us!

Here are some comments we received from the mothers!

My daughter made us the carrot dressing that she learned at today’s cooking class for dinner!
My child has always been afraid of using knives, but now willingly wants to cut the vegetables.
By watching the family members enjoy the bread my child brought back from the class, it made my child very confident.
My child is shy and does not talk much, but it seems that the class was very enjoyable and wanted to also cook at home.

Upcoming Classes

Looking for classes for adults or families?
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