How to Book

Step 1: Check the schedule for class availabilities.

After checking our menus, please choose the class that works best for you by browsing the Upcoming Classes schedule. You can choose one from the classes with a fixed menu or pick a date and choose the menu of your choice.
If none of the dates work with your schedule, please send us your availabilities through the contact form.

Step 2: Make your reservation through the booking form in the class page.

Please fill out the booking form, and then submit after you check all the information as well as our Terms and Conditions.
Don't forget to advise us in advance if you have any specific dietary requirements or allergies.

Step 3: You'll receive a reply via e-mail.

Please wait for our reply.
After confirmation, we will let you know the price and how to pay using PayPal.
If you do not receive a reply within three days, there are possibilities that you mistyped the e-mail address or the reply e-mail was regarded as "spam" by your mail server.
If there are no problems here after checking, please contact us again.

Step 4: Pay by PayPal

After you have paid, we will reconfirm our meeting time and place.
Your booking is now done!!

Can't find any convenient schedules at all?

In case you don't find any convenient class in "Upcoming Classes", please send us a request from the contact form.
We will try to arrange our schedules as much as possible!

When the schedule has been arranged, we will let you know the available dates.
We will make a class page for you and let you know the URL.
You will proceed to the payment from the booking form on that page.

Upcoming Classes

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