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Class duration : 3h30
Age Requirements : 6 and older
Maximum Guests : 4
Minimum Guests : 3
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The class will be held when the minimum number of people signup. We may cancel the class if we don’t have enough people. In that case we will refund the full amount.

Dietary Information

Allergens in the menu: egg, wheat, squid, soybeans

We would welcome you contacting us before booking to check on the suitability of ingredients used in the menu if you have any dietary requirements.
Otherwise, please inform us of any dietary requests on booking. If we do not get prior notice we cannot amend arrangements.

Umai magic!! Japanese comfort on a cold winter’s night

In spite of being one of the most common dishes in the winter in Japan, Oden (おでん) is not well known for the people from overseas. It can be served at restaurants, food stalls, convenience stores, and made at home.
When the air gets cold, every convenience stores start selling Oden all through the winter. So if you are not the first time in winter in Japan, you must have seen its pot at a corner in a convenience store but never wanted to try due to its unfamiliar ingredients and wired-looking.

Oden is a hotpot dish consisting of various ingredients simmered in a soy-flavored dashi (fish and kelp stock) broth. We prefer to add as many as different kinds of ingredients as they improve umami-rich oden broth. The ingredients vary so widely in each region and household. But there are some common items you’ll find in most pots of Oden.

Daikon radish (everybody love when it soaks up the umami soup)
boiled egg
Konnyaku (a hard jelly-like texture food made of some kind of potato)
Chikuwa (tube-shaped fish cakes)
Nerimono (a general name for paste products – chikuwa is one of them. Fish cakes and meatballs)
Konbu kelp
Kinchaku (little pouches made from deep-fried tofu. sticky mochi rice cake inside)

At home, Oden is usually served to the table in a pot, so we can eat them hot and get warm. The full of umami soup is a real comfort. And it is perfect much with Japanese sake!!

Finally, this is a good chance for you to try Oden and even make it yourself!
You’ll surely love to eat during the winter.


  • Just bring yourself! Aprons are available for free.
  • No need to clean up.
  • Children aged 6 and older are counted as separate participants. If you like to bring children under 6 years old to your class, we recommend you to book a private class. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Take-away is possible except for raw food, but management outside of the classroom is requested by yourself and we are not responsible for any trouble on hygiene. Please bring your own take-away container, ice cooler etc.
  • Price includes lesson, all ingredients, printed recipes and the listed number of drinks.

Cancellation Policy

  • 2 weeks prior to the booked date : full refund
  • 13 days to 4 days week prior to the booked date : 50% refund
  • 3 days prior to the booked date : no refund
  • No show : no refund

Please check our Terms and Conditions to see details.

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