Private Classes

Private classes available on demand.

We plan special classes to suit your taste and special needs.
You can arrange your own private class with 1- 6 people.

A private class is the choice for those who...

  • are considering bringing children under 6 years old
  • want to make customized menu
  • like to take lessons with friends, family or couples only
  • are Vegetarian
  • want to make a special anniversary surprise
  • have dietary restrictions
  • want to plan lesson according to my schedule
  • have specific Japanese meals you want make!


Private classes can be arranged from Thursday to Sunday between 10:00 and 21:00 (latest starting time 17:00).


The minimum price for a private lesson is 21,000JPY + VAT 10%.
Total prices may vary depending on the dishes and number of participants. Please contact us for further information and prices.


Dietary Requirements

We always aim to meet the dietary and religious requirements of our guests,
and we are happy to offer special meals to suit your requirements.

Booking special menu

* All special menu requests should be informed to us at least 2 weeks in advance of your class.

* We're unable to accept requests for specific ingredients which is difficult to purchase in Japan.

Special occasion orders

Special occasion orders for cakes or champagne can be made on request. Please contact us at least 3 days before the class.

How to book

  1. Please select the class you want to join from "Cooking Classes in English" and send a request from the request form on the class page.
    Please check "Private Event" on the form, fill out the request in the message column, and send.
  2. After we confirmed your request, you will recieve an e-mail.
    Details will be exchanged via e-mails, and once the date and menu is set, we will tell you the amount and how to pay though PayPal.
  3. When your payment has been comfirmed, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with the meeting time and location.
    Your reservation is now complete!

Upcoming Classes

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