About JJ Kitchen

Easy, Simple and Delicious!

Most of our recipes require no special ingredients nor unusual equipment. I try my best to provide recipes that use ingredients that can be found at ordinary supermarkets overseas.
The menus in the classes reflect authentic Japanese home cooking, which I learned from my mother and my grandmother.
The dishes are all familiar favorites that Japanese know from their mothers' cooking.

Fun and Informative Hands-on Class

We will all be cooking the dishes at the same time together.
In our lessons, there is no one that only cuts the vegetables or that only grills meat. We would like for each guest to challenge all the processes, so that everyone can learn the skills to make the delicious Japanese dish at home. Everyone will participate and enjoy this unforgettable experience!

Small groups.
Friendly & warm atmosphere

Our classes consists of a small group of 2 to 4 people and has a very cozy atosphere.
The kitchen is designed so that everyone can work closely together with plenty of elbow-room to spare.
Questions are welcome! Please do not hesitate to ask during the lesson. Let's enjoy cooking together!

From the popular classics to dishes using seasonal ingredients.
Variety of menus!

What are the first dishes you think of when you hear the word "Japanese food"?
Sushi? Tempura? Sukiyaki?

Today, we can eat these dishes anytime, but they used to be special cuisines that were eaten during times of celebration.
Generally for the everyday Japanese dinner table, we eat a lot of healthy home cooking using a variety of seasonal ingredients.
As a side dish, we always include one side dish that will turn you into a Japanese foodie for sure! Please join us and discover a new Japanese dish here.

Good Quality Products

We use domestic ingredients and good quality products!
Sometimes fresh organic vegetables from my mother's garden will be available.
We also use seasonings that has been made with traditional and natural methods as much as possible.
Good “dashi” or stock is the essential part of Japanese cuisine and we will also be making this flavorful soup stock from scratch.

Fun Japanese style dining time!

Now it’s time to eat!!
We will move over to the "chabudai" (a short-legged table used in traditional Japanese homes where we sit on the floor.), and enjoy the dishes and chat. (If you prefer to sit on a chair or when we have many people, we will eat at the dining table.)
A glass of Japanese sake or wine, soft drink is served with the meal.
Do not hesitate to ask about cooking, places to go & activities you would like to do in Japan. We can also recommend you our favorite restaurants in Tokyo!


Local Supermarket Tour

If you’d like, we can take you to the local supermarket after class.
We will show you the Japanese ingredients such as seasonal vegetables and seasonings and help you shop.
Let’s get the ingredients which are hard to find in your country!


Photo in Yukata
Women only / Limited in the summer season
(May to September)

Here's another opportunity to experience Japanese culture!
The "yukata" is a casual Kimono worn during the summer season.
You can wear a yukata after meals and we'll take a photo as a souvenir.
Rental (charge of 2,000 yen) is also available as an option.
As they are Junko's personal yukata, there are not many design patterns and sizes, but I am happy if it will be some spice for your trip :)
If you are looking for a Kimono, we can recommend you a Kimono rental shop such as in Asakusa.

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