Chicken and Ume Chazuke

June 28, 2020 / by Junko

Moepero tried her hands at making chicken and ume chazuke with bonito dashi, making the dashi as well.
She also made another dish using leftover chicken breast strips and cucumbers.
The Japanese like to finish off drinking by eating “ochazuke (rice in tea or broth)”.
What do people in your country eat to end the night after drinks?

– Chicken and ume chazuke
2 chicken breast strips
1 pack (5g) bonito flake
3 cups water
1 pinch salt
2 pieces umeboshi (salted plum)
some rice
2 spring onion
shredded Nori seaweed
– Cucumber and chicken salad
1 cucumber
2 chicken breast strips
15g shio-kombu (seasoned dry kombu kelp)
1 tbsp sesame oil
1/2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp vinegar
some garlic (grated)





There are so many Japanese dishes and cultures that are not well known outside of Japan and I’m happy to introduce them to you! If you tested any of our recipes feel free to send us a photo and your comments and we will be happy to publish them, even if it wasn't a complete success! :)

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