Wine Party!

September 26, 2018 / by Eikorn

With a bottle of wine in one hand, figs and prociutto ham in another, attended a wine party held at Junko’s place. It’s always interesting to see what the others will bring!
This time, there was a nice selection of champagne, rose, white, natural wine, and reds!

No knife needed for this appetizer. Just tear the figs apart with your hands, toss together with prociutto ham, vinegar, salt and pepper!

3 types of quiche from Dean and Deluca. Yummy!

Beautiful foccacia bread made by Junko! I need the recipe for this!

Tender, juicy spare ribs, also made by Junko!

We got to drink various types of wine!

I love to cook, eat, and drink with my friends.
In my free time, I enjoy throwing home parties, traveling (mainly to enjoy the local dishes and booze), going to the movies and to art exhibitions, and working out.
Food, drinks, and art are my passion.
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