Asian Party

September 02, 2018 / by Eikorn

One, two, three…oh, and another!
Have you ever had the experience of receiving spices and pastes as souvenirs from overseas, but have never quite been able to use them up?

My friends and I all had a bunch of unused spices (some that were even expired…yikes!) so we decided to throw a party where we would make dishes using these spices.

The theme was Asian and we cooked Thai, Indonesian, Singaporean, Vietnamese dishes and were very happy with our results! Lots of veggies, lots of colors, and lots of happy faces.

We must do this again!😋

I love to cook, eat, and drink with my friends.
In my free time, I enjoy throwing home parties, traveling (mainly to enjoy the local dishes and booze), going to the movies and to art exhibitions, and working out.
Food, drinks, and art are my passion.
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