Norimaki Class

April 25, 2019 / by Junko

Today’s guests were two lovely ladies and a cute baby boy who had taken our lesson before!
So happy to welcome them again ☺️

We made 3 different kinds of Norimaki (rolled sushi)
– Futomaki (thick sushi rolls)
– Hosomaki (thin sushi rolls)
– California rolls (sushi rolled inside out)
and also Inarizushi (vinegared rice in fried tofu pouches).

We were too greedy and placed too much fatty tuna in one of the “hosomaki” rolls so it overflowed 😅 but everyone did a great job with the “futomaki” and the result was perfect! 😊👍

My mom sent me some bamboo shoots from Chiba (great timing!) so we used that both in our side dish and soup. Eikorn whipped up another side dish with the leftover salmon and avocado, and we all enjoyed our gorgeous lunch!!

There are so many Japanese dishes and cultures that are not well known outside of Japan and I’m happy to introduce them to you! If you tested any of our recipes feel free to send us a photo and your comments and we will be happy to publish them, even if it wasn't a complete success! :)

Seeking the best balance of being free and living a stable life in this busy city, I enjoy kitchen gardening to deepen my connection with nature. Lately, I enjoy traveling to places I’ve never been and dancing Salsa/Kizomba there. Always a traveler at heart. Freelance web/graphic designer. Coffee & chocolate addict.
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