Garlic & Chili Oil Miso Paste

August 25, 2018 / by Junko

You will get addicted to this spicy and delicious miso paste!
So easy to make and good with vegetables and rice. You can use it as a seasoning when you make stir fries too.
I added peanuts (or sesame seeds works too) to give a nutty fragrance and a crunchy texture!



  1. chop onions and garlic finely. Remove Takanotsume chili peppers seeds then chopped.
  2. In a small ball, add sugar and sake in miso and mix well.
  3. Add sesame oil and (1) in a frying pan and put the pan on low heat. Stir all evenly with a spatula.
  4. The the color became lightly brown, remove from the heat. Place a frying pan on a wet cloth and take the heat. Be careful not to burn.
  5. When cooled down, add (2) and mix well and it’s done!
There are so many Japanese dishes and cultures that are not well known outside of Japan and I’m happy to introduce them to you! If you tested any of our recipes feel free to send us a photo and your comments and we will be happy to publish them, even if it wasn't a complete success! :)

Seeking the best balance of being free and living a stable life in this busy city, I enjoy kitchen gardening to deepen my connection with nature. Lately, I enjoy traveling to places I’ve never been and dancing Salsa/Kizomba there. Always a traveler at heart. Freelance web/graphic designer. Coffee & chocolate addict.
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