Tanabata (Star Festival) food & Sardines

Class duration : 4h
Age Requirements : 12 and older
Maximum Guests : 4
Minimum Guests : 3

This class is only available to those who have signed up for the JJ Kitchen membership. Those who are new to JJ Kitchen are entitled to take a trial lesson with the members.

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Advanced booking is required

The class will be held when the minimum number of participants has been achieved. You can join from mid-course when there are open seats. Reservations are mandatory.
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Dietary Information

Allergens in the menu: wheat, sesame, cheese, soybeans

We would welcome you contacting us before booking to check on the suitability of ingredients used in the menu if you have any dietary requirements. Otherwise, please inform us of any dietary requests on booking. If we do not get prior notice we cannot amend arrangements.

Let's make dishes that prevent summer fatigue!

In early summer from mid-June to July, temperatures start to rise in “Honshu” or Japan’s main island, bringing the rainy season with many rainy and cloudy days.
During this time of year, the days are hot and humid and many people may lose their appetites.
Come join us in making dishes that are bound to prevent summer fatigue!

Somen noodles are a staple dish for the Japanese summer, and many crave this cool noodle dish when summer is near.
This dish is also eaten on Takabata, which falls on July 7th of every year.
Tanabata is known as the Japanese star festival, originating from a Chinese legend and it is said that eating somen noodles on this day will prevent one from getting sick.

In this lesson, we will be making 2 types of dipping sauce for the noodles; one is a basic noodle soup base and another is a spicy and tasty dipping sauce.
Let’s learn how to boil and present the noodles in a flowing style with special decoration for tanabata party, and learn all about Japanese condiments and herbs.

For the main dish, we will use sardines that are readily available at supermarkets from June and make sardine wrapped pickled plum and cheese.
The perfect harmony of sour pickled plums and rich cheese goes very well with the sardines and this dish is great as a side dish or appetizer!
Sardines are rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA and EPA, calcium and vitamin B2, an excellent ingredient!
Sardines are very tender, so they are easy to open by hand. In this lesson, we will have everyone try this method of preparing sardines.






そうめん(つけだれ2種:基本のめんつゆ、豆乳ラー油) [ hands-on ]
イワシの梅しそ巻き [ hands-on ]
たたきキュウリ [ hands-on ]
イワシのつみれ汁 [ hands-on ]


  • Just bring yourself! Aprons are available for free.
  • No need to clean up.
  • Take-away is possible except for raw food, but management outside the classroom is requested by yourself and we are not responsible for any trouble with hygiene. Please bring your own takeaway container, ice cooler, etc.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a lesson due to a conflict, you can take a different lesson to make up for it. However, please let us know 3 days in advance so that we can adjust our preparations.

If you cancel between 2 days prior to the day of the lesson, you will not be able to make up for your lesson, and it will cost you 1 lesson.

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Trial Lesson

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Special Trial Price : 5,000 yen + VAT 10%
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