Nanakusa Gayu (seven herb rice porridge)

January 07, 2019 / by Eikorn

In Japan, we tend to eat and drink too much during the New Year holiday, so we eat rice porridge with seven kinds of Japanese herbs on January 7 to rest our stomachs.

The 7 herbs are Seri (せり) Water dropwort, Nazuna (なずな・ぺんぺん草) Shepherd’s Purse, Gogyo (ごぎょう) Cudweed, Hakobera (はこべら)Chickweed, Hotokenoza (ほとけのざ) Nipplewort,Suzuna (すずな・かぶ) Turnip, Suzushiro (すずしろ・大根) Daikon radish

This porridge is also said to protect us from evil, and prevent illnessess and diseases.

Wishing everyone a healthy and yummy year!!

I love to cook, eat, and drink with my friends.
In my free time, I enjoy throwing home parties, traveling (mainly to enjoy the local dishes and booze), going to the movies and to art exhibitions, and working out.
Food, drinks, and art are my passion.
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