Cooking Courses

For residents in Japan,
Experience the Japanese language and culture through cooking!

JJ Kitchen in Tokyo provides Japanese cooking lessons with a laid back feeling, as if you are preparing a home party! We welcome you to enjoy cooking while chatting with others, even with a drink in one hand!

You will be able to make your favorite Izakaya menu & seasonal dishes that are unique to Japan.
The menu changes every season. Along with recipes of classic dishes, I will also introduce modern recipes reflecting the recent trends in Japan. My recipes and preparation processes are based on traditional Japanese cuisine with the occasional touch of modern fusion and international gastronomy thrown in.
Your requests are also welcome!

All lessons will be given in English and Japanese.
Not confident in communicating in Japanese? No worries! That is what these lessons are for! Our bilingual instructors with overseas experience will explain to you in English. Let's enjoy!

  • Small group with a cozy atmosphere
    Sharing information is important so we have active communication among the participants and instructors. Meet new friends here at JJ Kitchen!
  • Learn Japanese seasonal customs and table manners
    JJ Kitchen will teach you not only basic Japanese dishes but also traditional dishes that are eaten at seasonal events, introducing you to the unique food culture rooted deeply in the Japanese spirit and climate.
  • Experience natural, daily Japanese while you learn to cook
    There are Japanese students attending the classes as well. Please feel free to use our lessons as a place to practice the Japanese words that you know!
  • Flexibility is the key to continuance!
    You can reschedule your lessons to another date if you can’t make it to the booked date.
  • Activities
    JJ Kitchen organizes fun events such as picnics or ‘Hanami (cherry blossoms viewing)’ where you make your own lunch box and take it with you! We will also hold home parties. Your network in Tokyo will expand through our cooking lessons!

This Month’s Menu

Cooking Course : April & May

Bamboo shoot & wild mountain veggies

Young spring bamboo shoots are now in season!
If you only know yellow thin slices of precooked bamboo shoots in Chinese dishes, you will find the fresh bamboo shoots totally different. Let’s enjoy their sweet, slightly crunchy and delicate earthy flavor!

  • Takenoko Gohan (Steamed rice with bamboo shoots)
  • Sansai (wild mountain veggies) Tempura
  • Tosani (Simmered bamboo shoots with bonito flakes)
  • Kinomeyaki
  • Japanese sweets of the day and green tea

Class Details

Lessons will be held once a month over three-month period. We will hold four seasonal courses in a year :

March - May
June - August
September - November
December - February

Fee : 24,000yen + VAT 10% (1 course consists of 3 classes)

1 course (3 months)
2 courses (6 months)
43,200yen (10%OFF)
Save 4,800yen!!
3 courses (9 months)
61,200yen (15%OFF)
Save 10,800yen!!
4 courses (12 months)
76,800yen (20%OFF)
Save 19,200yen!!

Age : 12 years and above
Capacity : 6 participants
Minimum number of participants : 3
Class duration : about 4 hours

The classes will be held when the minimum number of participants has been achieved. You can join from mid-course when there are open seats.
Reservations are mandatory.
Please contact us if you are interested in any of the classes.

Trial Lesson

Not sure if JJ Kitchen is the one for you?
Come in for a trail lesson. You can join in one of the lessons with other members!

Special Trial Price : 5,000 yen + VAT 10%
  • For those who have never taken a lesson at JJ Kitchen.
  • Age 12 years old and above. For those under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • RSVP by email.

We welcome those who...

  • are beginners in cooking and in the Japanese.
  • are interested in learning the basics of Japanese cuisine.
  • would like to cook with ingredients that are unique to Japan.
  • would like to cook with hands-on experience from beginning to end, and not just watch the lesson.
  • would like to make friends and connections in Tokyo.
  • are interested in learning day to day Japanese in a fun way.
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